Reply Codes

000 = The transaction has completed successfully
001  = Transaction is pending authorization

1001Invalid User Or Password
1002User is locked
1151Weak password
1152Wrong password
1153Password already used in the past
1154Password confirmation mismatch
1160Force password change
1161Weak Pin code
1162Wrong Pin code
1163Pin code confirmation mismatch
1201Invalid email address
1202Email address already exists
1203Invalid username
1204Username already exists
1205Invalid name
1206Invalid firstname
1207Invalid lastname
1208Invalid SSN
1209Invalid phone number
1501Invalid data
1502Invalid ID
1503Invalid date
1504Invalid App Identity
1505Item does not exist
1506Item wrong state
1507Invalid Account ID
1601Invalid service URL
2100Invalid country
2101Invalid state
2102Invalid address
2103Invalid postal code
2104Invalid city
2201Invalid currency
2202Invalid payment method
2203Invalid amount
2204Invalid merchant
2206Invalid customer
2301Invalid account value1
2302Invalid account value 2
2303Invalid expiration date
2304Invalid owner name
2401Invalid request id
2402Invalid request for account id
2403Amount above balance
2404Amount below minimum
2405Amount above maximum
2501External user registration failure
2502Account number not available
2503Invalid external account
2504Assign external user failure
2505Register user personal failure
500Merchant company number or signature is invalid
501Merchant is not activated
502Merchant is unauthorized to use this service
503Merchant unauthorized to process that type of credit card in that currency
504Merchant "authorization only" option is inactive
505Charge amount not in allowed range
506Data is missing, check CardNum, Amount, Currency, Payments, Expiration Date and TypeCredit
507Credit card number is invalid
508Invalid data range - currency, typeCredit, data length
509Credit card number is blocked
510Credit card is expired
511Missing card holder Name
512Missing or incorrect length of card verification number (cvv2)
513Missing government issued id number
514Missing card holder phone number
515Missing or invalid card holder email address
516Missing client ip
517Full name is invalid
518TermCode is missing, invalid or not configured
519This card is not certified
520Internal error
521Unable to complete transaction (communication failure)
522System blocked transaction (duplicate transaction within the specified timeframe)
523System Error
524Processing System Error
525Daily volume limit exceeded
526Invalid request source
527Service not allowed from your IP Address
528Missing or incorrect MD5 signature
529Duplicate transaction
530Transaction amount exceeded system`s limit
531Currency is invalid or not setup for processing
532RefTransID - can't find original transaction
533Unable to refund more than the original transaction`s Amount
534The request must be sent over secure socket layer (HTTPS)
535Invalid RefTransID parameter
536Initial pre-auth transaction not found: check TransApprovalID and Currency
537Silent Post with credit card details is not allowed
538Captured amount is higher that authorized
539Transaction amount is invalid
540Billing address - missing address
541Billing address - missing city name
542Billing address - missing or invalid zip code
543Billing address - missing or invalid state
544Billing address - missing or invalid country
545Request length limit exceeded
546Previous transaction with this card is still in process, please try again after response is sent
547Too many cards for single email or too many emails for single card.
548Declined by external processor
549Processing stored card - merchant is unauthorized to use this service
550Recurring transactions - merchant is unauthorized to use this service
551Recurring transactions - data is missing
552Transaction is pending for SMS code
5533D Secure Redirection is needed
554Bank Transfer, redirection is needed
555Recurring limit exceeded
556Waiting for SMS message containing the code
557Billing address - invalid zip code
558ClientIP parameter is required but missing from the request
559Wrong CVV length, please use 3 digit number from back of the card
560Not Exist in PPC List
561This credit card has been temporarily blocked.
562Card is blacklisted
563This credit card has been temporarily blocked.
564Only one refund permitted per transaction
565Cannot proceed - One or more cart products are out of stock
580Did not pass fraud detection test
581Negative Country List Block
582Country IP is blocked
583Weekly charge count limit reached for this credit card
584Weekly charge amount limit reached for this credit card
585Charge count limit reached for this credit card
586Charge amount limit reached for this credit card
587Reached daily limit of failed charges
588Incorrect charge amount
589Blocked group of credit cards
590Input parameter is out of range
591Input parameter is too long
592Processor is not available
593Monthly charge count limit reached for this credit card
594Monthly charge amount limit reached for this credit card
595Integration mode - incorrect credit card number
596Integration mode - incorrect charge amount
597Daily charge count limit reached for this credit card
598Daily charge amount limit reached for this credit card
599Declined by issuing bank
600The customer has closed the payment page window
663Transaction still in processing mode
9999Unknown system error